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F.A.M.C. 60th Anniversary Picture 2008

For the 2020 Christmas season, I have uploaded a concert when the F.A.M.C. and the Salem Choral Society joined together on 12/9/95 and performed a
Christmas concert in the grand Methuen Memorial Music (Organ) Hall in Methuen, MA. This concert was under the direction Bob Gaudette. Bob was
the director of both the F.A.M.C and the S.C.S. The organist was Flo Ayotte Sheehy. I hope this concert puts all of you into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

FAMC and SCS - Methuen Organ Hall 12/9/95

We remember one of our longtime members Bob Elliott who passed away on July 11, 2020. His smooth baritone/bass voice was a true
gift to our chorus for over 30 years. Below is his rendition of his favorite Irish hymn "The Old Man". Please enjoy.

Bob Elliott - "The Old Man"

As Catholics, there was much disappointment in the celebration of this past Easter Season during the COVID-19 crisis. Please
join with us in hearing a beautiful rendition of the Easter season music of "The Seven Last Words of Christ". This musical
piece was performed in 1973 by members of the Mary Queen of Peace Choir of Salem, NH and the Franco American Male Chorus.
The Director was Bob Gaudette. The accompanist was Flo Sheehy. Featured soloists from the F.A.M.C. were Bob Elliott, Ray Jussaume,
Bob Gaudette, Armand St. Gelais, Rene Ayotte and Ron Smith. The recording was amateur, but the sound is truly beautiful.

The Seven Last Words Of Christ

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